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Reducing the complete onboarding procedure to 2 minutes

Michael Desforges
CEO of Telexoo

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Case and History

Swiss fintech company Telexoo specialises in currency exchange through international bank transfers. The company was established in 2013 and its main goal is to reduce the cost to customers of transferring and paying bills in different currencies around the world. It should be noted that exchange fees for customers of Swiss banks constitute a significant part of the transfer.

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Using in-depth knowledge of banking processes and high technology, Telexoo is now a unique financial intermediary that offers the best exchange rates for international payments. For example, a customer works for a multinational corporation, his Swiss bank salary is in Swiss francs and he needs to pay his children’s education in the UK in Sterling or his mortgage in the US in Dollars. In addition to international corporations, translation issues are also relevant for many professionals coming to work from neighbouring countries or living at the border.

The team also has a solution for businesses that import and export goods from Switzerland. These companies can save significantly on international invoices for goods and services.

Telexoo takes the security of the payment process very seriously. The company is regulated by FINMA and follows all established procedures carefully. At the same time, it is important to the Telexoo team that the entire transfer procedure is not only cost-effective and secure but also fast for the client. Modern clients are not happy with slow onboardings full of friction.


Fast and cost-effective exchanges for many people with different needs

The main challenge is to offer fast and cost-effective exchange transfers for a multitude of people with different needs.

Process and Results

The successful growth of the company required improvements in the identity verification process. Previously, information had to be gathered on each client, then given to a KYC officer to verify. This could take hours or even days. The team began searching for an automated identity verification solution.

The following service requirements played a key role in the research. Firstly, the set of KYC checks must comply with the requirement of the regulator, and the service must provide screening by AML-watchlists. The second requirement is the ease of integration into the existing Telexoo system. This was a matter of principle. The third selection criterion was the service’s flexible pricing policy. All points matched GetID, part of Group, perfectly.


Reduces customer identification and account opening time to 2 minutes

Integration, testing, and launch took less than 3 days. As a result, the identification process time was reduced from 20 to 2 minutes. And the maximum time is only for the rare cases where special attention and detailed analysis of the customer’s profile is required. The lion’s share of the work is now left to the GetID service, and the Telexoo team has freed up its time to tackle more complex tasks of developing their service.


ID documents verification

(document validity and authenticity)

Face Match
Liveness check
AML watchlists


Cloud-based verification page
In 3 days

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