Learn how the global processing company has implemented automatic customer identity verification and speeded up a complex document check by 20%.

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Global payment processing center

Improved the turnaround time for KYC checks
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Jevgenijs Godunovs
Director, MLRO

left quote 1 1  Automation is something we should all strive for. As the pace of life is accelerating, and as a company that provides a licensed product, we must speed up all verification processes as much as possible. Together with GetID, we’ve been able to achieve that.  left quote 1 1 1

Case and History

DECTA is a global payment processing center based in the UK, a reliable platform for processing online payments, including Internet acquiring and issuing payment cards for banks, service providers, and corporate clients. DECTA serves over 2 thousand companies from 32 countries.

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Two critical events at once led the company to introduce automatic customer verification into its process.

Firstly, DECTA needed to reduce the time of new client onboarding. As a licensed financial institution, DECTA is obligated to do legal check-up which is a time consuming process. Several employees carried out the verification process at once. After analyzing the process, it became clear that it is necessary to automate the verification of documents, reducing the number of employees involved and manual data entry.

Another event is an independent audit, as a result of which the team received a recommendation to add a third party to carry out the KYC process for verifying individuals.

The company began searching for a supplier and chose GetID as it was able to provide a flexible and suitable solution to solve the problem.

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Valērijs Bikovs
Head of Internal Automation Department

left quote 1 1  GetID’s document verification solution has been seamlessly integrated into our onboarding process for new customers. The extensive capabilities of the API integration allowed us to solve several tasks more efficiently.  left quote 1 1 1

Process and Results


Faster and safer customer onboarding according to regulations in several jurisdictions

The integration of GetID into DECTA’s system was broken down into two stages. Initially, the developers evaluated and tested the system. The experts used the GetID administrative portal to upload different types of ID documents for verification. The results have exceeded their expectations.

In the second phase, DECTA switched to a combination of automatic and manual verification. GetID’s task is to recognize the type of an ID document and check its validity and visual authenticity. In case of a negative result, GetID has to send its recommendations to the KYC officer. It’s important to note that the specifics of the DECTA work process require special attention to the verification rules’ settings. Since the standard settings aren’t suitable here, DECTA’s team can adjust the verification flow for itself. Thanks to the flexibility of GetID’s API, GetID could be easily integrated into DECTA’s processes to achieve full automation.


Decreased the time of KYC checks by 20% and improved document processing

Moreover, DECTA’s team started to use extracting information from ID documents as a source of filling in contact data in CRM. It enabled the system’s operator to reduce the time to enter data significantly. As a result, it allowed optimizing the entire process of working with clients and make it more efficient.

So, to date, the legal check-up time decreased by 20%. The company plans to increase the efficiency of the onboarding process by automating several steps.. We look forward to achieving this result together.

“When choosing a partner, it’s important to find a common language with the team. We’ve found a common language with GetID and were able to solve the set tasks quite quickly,” notes DECTA.


ID documents verification

document validity and authenticity, data extraction

GetID Administrative portal

dashboard with flow settings and full verification results

Document upload

data collection, recognition and systematization


automated KYC integration, data collection and handling

Integration process:

2 stages
6 weeks
2 persons

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