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Types of Regtech Compаnies and What Problems They Help Solve

New selfie biometrics customers for GetID

Why the Regtech Industry is Hot for Investors Right Now

Stockholm-based acquires Estonian identity verification startup GetID for €8.1 million

Selfie biometrics power KYC and fraud prevention from crypto platforms to governments

GetID unveils new identity verification flow builder tecknar avtal med Ryanair Acquires Estonian Identity Verification Firm GetID for EUR 8.1 Million

ID verification firm GetID acquired by

Compliance Checklist: What a Company Needs to Do to Be AML Compliant

The Financial Commission Partners with Identity Verification Service GetID

“How Do We Speed Up the Customers’ Onboarding Process?” GetID’s CEO Dmitri Laush Talks

NFC webinar, selfie biometrics wins and upgrades highlight evolving ID ecosystems


Exclusive interview: GetID’s CEO Dmitri Laush Talks about KYC of Brokers

Ifx Expo Dubai: CEO of GetId Dmitri Laush – solving the online kyc and onboarding challenges

US authorities eager to deter citizens from unregistered crypto exchanges

Memo to crypto exchanges: KYC compliance can be a competitive advantage

SIM card fraud: why mobile operators are turning attention to KYC

How To Be Sure That Your Information Is Secure In Dating Apps

How to Choose a KYC Provider: Are the Expensive Platforms Worth it?

Brokerage and Trading: How to Comply With Modern AML-Regulations

All you need to know about compliance standards and benefits for online healthcare services

The Value of Customer Due Diligence

Keeping Up with the Compliances: A 2020 AML Guide for Money Service Businesses

Manual vs. Automated Identity Check: What’s Better and Why?

Crypto Industry Divided Over Introducing Circuit Breakers on Exchanges

How does the onboarding process affect your business’ churn rate?

KYC provider GetID announces partnership with Onfido

5 Security Trends to Watch

How to Protect your Business from Any Type of Criminals: The Complete Guide

The Main Reasons Data Compliance is So Expensive (and What To Do About It)

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