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KYC for Customer Onboarding

In today’s fast-paced world customers need to get instant access to products and services. Smooth remote onboarding process helps companies to create a superb customer experience while taking care of security and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

  • verify clients identities in a matter of moments
  • reduce manual error risk while using human power
  • increase onboarding rates
  • effectively prevent fraud
  • stay compliant with AML KYC regulations
KYC for Customer Onboarding

How does KYC for Customer Onboarding work

Minimize the friction during the KYC and onboarding process. GetID digital onboarding software creates a smooth user experience, guiding your customers all the way through the entire verification process.

  • Make front side photo

    ID card Estonian
    Step 1

    User photographs their ID from both sides

  • Make a selfie

    Step 2

    User takes a self-portrait with their smartphone camera or webcam

  • Liveness check

    Face with closed eyes

    Close your eyes

    Step 3

    User performs some simple movements for liveness detection purposes

  • Powered by GetID

    Check circle

    Please ask verification results at your service provider web page.


    User is verified, onboarded and ready to go

Client Onboarding and KYC Process - completely personalized

With GetID you can easily adjust the workflow - add or remove identity verification steps depending on your current onboarding requirements.

  • ID card

    ID Document Verification
    Over 7000+ supported document types supported from 223+ countries and territories.

  • Face match

    Face Matching
    Verify a customer’s identity by comparing an ID document photo with a selfie-picture to make sure that they (both) belong to the same person.

  • Liveness Detection

    Liveness Detection
    Add another level of security to prevent fraud. Liveness Detection ensures that the users are “live” by asking them to complete a task on camera (smiling, blinking or turning their head).

  • Document Authenticity

    AML Screening
    High-risk clients monitoring for customer due diligence. PEPs and Sanction Lists, Adverse Media checks. Over 800 global lists and 1.6 million profiles.

Where is KYC for Customer Onboarding needed

Whether you need to verify your customers age or run complex due diligence checks, we've got you covered.

  • Age 18+

    Age-restricted Products

  • Bank

    Bank account opening

  • Presons Change

    Sharing Economy services

  • Crypto Wallet

    Crypto Wallets and Exchanges

KYC for Customer Onboarding - Advantages of GetID

  • Speed and instant results

    • Fast and accurate verification results
    • Speed up the account opening time
    • Maximize customer onboarding success rates
  • AML KYC Compliance

    • Stay compliant with global regulatory requirements
    • AML Screening for Customer Due Diligence
    • Better risk management
  • Flexible Onboarding solution

    • Mobile and web SDKs
    • Omni-Channel platform
    • APIs
  • Reduce operational costs

    • Automate the onboarding process
    • Reduce manual workload
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An easy to use KYC and Onboarding software

Easily access the customers' data, oversee the client onboarding status and collaborate with your team members.

  • Verification results and status overview
  • Real-time monitoring
  • GDPR-compliant customer data storage
Test verification
Seamless integration example

Seamless integration with your business ecosystem

A range of set-up and integration options to fit your UI/UX:

  • Mobile identity verification

    Mobile SDKs
    Highly-customisable iOS and Android SDKs built on native tech stack for a seamless onboarding experience.

  • Web identity verification

    Web SDK
    Ready-made solutions for automated onboarding with fast set-up and easy configuration.

  • Cloud identity verification

    Cloud-based verification page
    Send a link to customers and get verification results instantly in your Admin Panel or via webhook.

  • API solutions

    API integration
    Integrate our KYC and customer verification solutions into your platform, collect data you need and get the results via API.

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