Discover how E.Gulbja Laboratorija, a medical laboratory from Latvia, was able to speed up and automate the customer verification process bringing down the average verification time to 3 minutes.

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Industry: Medical laboratory

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The majority of customers is being verified automatically

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3 min average time to verify and onboard a new customer

Valdis Gavars
Software Developer & IT project manager at E.Gulbja lab

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Case and history


Make the onboarding easy and accessible for any person.

E.Gulbja laboratory is the leader in the sphere of medical analyses in Latvia. The laboratory serves around 10,000 customers daily. In the midst of the pandemic, the company launched robotic Covid-19 test kit distribution stations. Customers can now receive and return the Covid test kits using those stations. So the person can now get the results without visiting a medical facility.

Moreover, the stations can be installed all over the country. For example, one has been installed at Riga’s (Latvia capital) airport, allowing passengers from different regions of the world to get easy access to Covid test kits.

The process is as follows: a client gets verified on the E.Gulbja laboratory website and then receives a PIN code to his phone or email, which must be later entered on the touchscreen of the contactless analysis device. The device then hands out the test kit, a client gives the sample for the Covid test and returns the test kit to the station. The test kits with results are later collected by the laboratory courier to the laboratory to make the test. Test results are then sent to the client’s email.

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The company has set the goal of making this service as accessible as possible and as contactless as possible. The robotic device is the safest way to collect material for Covid-19 test samples and is a modern way of other samples collection as well. The procedure is simple and straightforward. The laboratory strictly emphasized the security of client data.

Robotic Covid-19 test kit distribution station from E.Gulbja laboratory

Process and Results

Initially, the company is using e-banking solutions for verifying its clients. However, it has some limitations. There are limits in the number of customers who can be verified for contactless testing as not all of them have local bank accounts.

E.Gulbja has chosen GetID as its identity verification provider and implemented verification in its system. Laboratory customers can now use their ID card or passport to access the contactless device with Covid-19 test kits.

The decisive factor in favour of GetID was the ability to select the checks required for verification, easy integration of the solution into the laboratory’s system, and high-quality documentation.

The integration process took less than two weeks. E. Gulbja Laboratory immediately noted that the verification process is simple and easy for the customer to understand. The process of registration, identity verification and receiving a pin code for test kit access takes – up to 5 minutes.


As a result, thousands of people have fast and secure access to contactless testing on Covid-19.

Laboratory’s example shows that online identity verification can be successfully applied in the medical field. In general, the scope of application of today’s verification services is unusually wide. Any innovative product that requires user verification and identification can use a service such as GetID to open up access to its services to customers around the world.


Biometrics verification

(facial similarity and liveness test)



Integration time:

14 days

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