Age Verification Software

Verify the age of users to ensure that content, products and services intended for adults do not reach minors.

Use the GetID solution suite for simple and reliable age verification. Change the minimum acceptable age if the requirements for your products change.


Age Verification Solutions

Be sure of the acceptable age of your client. Set a minimum age limit of 18, 21 or any other age. GetID extracts the date of birth from the user's ID and calculates the age. If it is less than the set value, the application will be declined or sent to your compliance service. A full check includes Face matching and a Liveness test.

ID Documents Check

Make sure that the client's documents are authentic. Ask him or her to upload a photo of the document on both sides. In seconds the GetID software:

  • Processes the photo in real-time
  • Verifies and authenticates
  • Extracts relevant data
  • Approve or reject it according to your verification rules.

We identify IDs, passports, driving licenses, residence permits from 190+ countries and territories.

Face Matching

Make sure your client is the real owner of the document. Ask him or her to take selfies, our software:

  • Identify the biometric parameters of the client's face
  • Compare it to the facial features on the document photo
  • Provide real-time matching results.

Liveness Test

Make sure that the person going through your verification process is physically present and provides their own documents and selfies. During the identification process, the customer is asked to perform a few simple movements (like smiling) in front of the camera.

The GetID system analyzes this video and provides the result to automatically accept the application or transmit all data to your compliance department.

ID document check Face matching Liveness test

How it works for your business

Step 1

Data uploading

User photographs their ID, takes a self-portrait with their smartphone camera or webcam and performs some simple movements for liveness detection purposes.

Step 2

Data processing

The GetID determines the authenticity of a document in a second, and whether the person on the document matches a selfie or video.

Step 3

Data analysis

We analyse whether the minimum age has been met and whether there are any attempts at fraud. Depending on the result, the application may be approved or declined.

Step 4


Verified client remains active in your system. You get full information about your client with the assurance of age matching and authenticity of documents.

What our clients are saying

Key benefits

Seamless onboarding

Create a great experience for your customers. GetID solution can be seamlessly built into your online process as a part of registration or verification process before purchasing any kind of age-restricted process.

Protect your reputation

Young people are the most active buyers of online shops and users of online services. Without proper protection, minors can access your platform and spread the word online. This would cause enormous reputational damage.

Fast and secure verification

The client is verified within seconds. The results are instantly delivered in a report to the compliance officer.

Comply with laws and regulations

Toughening regulations lead to huge fines in European countries. High fines for selling alcohol also apply to online retailing.

Easy integration

Visual editor helps customise the form with your brand elements. Integration via mobile and web SDKs, API methods. What's more, you can integrate the solution with almost no code using our Flow builder.

Ready to scale

Support for 7000+ ID documents from 190+ countries allows new regions to be connected quickly and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Which industries need to introduce age verification

Online gaming

Simple proof of age on a website is no longer acceptable for regulation. Mandatory verification confirming a player's identity and age is being introduced in countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Gambling and betting

Regulation has set a strict 18+ limit in most countries. Violations risk fines of hundreds of thousands of euros.

Online dating

Dating sites without mandatory age verification can pose a threat to the integrity of children. Unfortunately, cases of harassment, intimidation and violence are recorded on platforms without due diligence.

Alcohol, tobacco, vaping and others

Around 20% of teenagers admit to finding ways to buy alcohol and e-cigarettes. Protect your business and the health of teenagers with age verification on your seller platform.

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