Meet the GetID team at IFX EXPO Dubai

GetID team will be attending the IFX EXPO taking place in Dubai on 19-20 of May. IFX EXPO is arguably one the leading B2B conferences in Online Trading, Payment Service Providers, and Fintech bringing together over 250 companies and thousands of financial services professionals from all over the world.

GetID crew will be ready to take any questions from the other attendees. GetID team will be running the product demonstration sessions at their booth – and there’s a lot of new stuff in store this time!

What’s new from GetID?

During the last year, GetID has been busy further developing its Identity Verification platform. GetID solution has got several major updates and new powerful features.

  • Our Document Verification engine has been seriously upgraded. Every step in the ID Document Verification process – data processing, pre-processing, classification, document authenticity check – has been revamped. As a result, our Document verification engine features an automatic document type recognition paired with fast processing and accurate results.
  • We’ve added a Liveness detection test to our Identity Verification platform.
  • We’ve built a powerful tool called Verification flow builder. This feature allows users to easily set up and deploy personalized online verification procedures. Essentially, the usage of new GetID development streamlines the launch process and allows to reduce time and integration costs significantly with the highest level of customization and security.
  • GetID has just rolled out a new product feature – Proof of Address. Our PoA check allows us to cross-check the user profile data with the data presented on an uploaded document (utility or mobile phone bill, bank statement, post office letter, etc). The results are then shown as a breakdown in an aggregated report. This well-thought-out and easy-to-use feature allows to automate & speed up the PoA check and reduce the compliance/verification teams’ workloads.

All of this combined will provide the existing and new users with a complete and powerful set of tools for carrying out fast KYC checks with a great level of accuracy. Also, it allows to significantly reduce the software setup/integration time, reduce operational costs, and fully customize the onboarding process. GetID is aiming to provide the best possible solution for compliance teams as well as for the end-users.

GetID ID Document verification request detailed view

In the context of the IFX EXPO, it’s important to mention successful use cases by our clients – financial services platform Admirals and global payment service provider Decta. Both globally operating companies have been able to successfully integrate GetID service into their workflows and reduce the verification turnaround time. Automated data processing enabled Admirals to reduce the verification time by 90% and enter the markets of new countries faster, increasing their global customer reach.

Dmitri Laush GetID

Dmitri Laush, CEO and co-founder of GetID

As global and local AML KYC regulations are being updated and tightened (paired with the high level of online fraud), financial organizations need modern and comprehensive tools that will help them automate their KYC & Onboarding processes and prevent fraud.

Our goal is to help other companies to make the onboarding experience faster and easier while ensuring that all necessary compliance requirements are met. That’s why we’re striving to make our product and service as flexible as possible.

GetID has made several serious improvements and enhancements in its verification platform. A great example would be the addition of the Verification flow builder. It’s a slick feature that enables customers to quickly and easily define the needed types of verification checks, customize the appearance of a user journey, and choose an integration option. The direct benefits of this feature are a high level of personalization, fast integration, and cost-effectiveness.

We are looking forward to participating at the IFX Expo and showcasing our platform to event attendees.

About the IFX EXPO

As we’ve already mentioned, IFX EXPO is one the biggest B2B conferences in the world of online trading, financial services, and fintech companies. This time around the IFX EXPO is bringing its show to Dubai. IFX EXPO Dubai is set to connect top-level executives from the most prominent firms from around the world, stemming from various industry fields.

This event allows one to meet and network with known industry professionals, discover new business opportunities, engage in conferences and speaker sessions.

As forex brokers and Payment Service Providers are heavily regulated, there’s a strong need for efficient KYC/Identity Verification solutions. Thus, IFX Expo is a perfect place to meet regulatory, legal, and compliance professionals like GetID, learn more about the latest cutting-edge technologies and software solutions.

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