Track performance of your online KYC process with GetID statistics dashboard

We are happy to announce that in a new version of the GetID Administrative Portal we have launched a verification statistics dashboard.

Now you can keep the KYC process under control even better, monitor important metrics, and better understand how customer verifications are performed.

The feature is free, accessible in the GetID Administrative portal and these minutes are being delivered to all production environments.

GetID metrics dashboard

You may easily find answers in a matter of clicks on further questions:

  • How many verifications were performed during a particular period?
  • How much time is needed to verify a customer?
  • How many successful or not successful verifications were performed? What are the dynamics?
  • What are the reasons for not approved applications?
  • Which types of id documents customers are using?
  • Which of my verification flows perform better?

application creation sources

Reasons that lead to need review and decline

“We help our clients to grow their business faster and in a secure way at the same time. And the onboarding process should be completely visible and under control. Key metrics should always be at hand.”
said Vladimir Popov, Head of Product in GetID.

The next version of the statistics dashboard will include advanced metrics. Stay tuned!

If you still have questions and would like to discuss the dashboard with statistics or the GetID service in general, email us.

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