Meet the KYC Flow Builder – the Next Generation KYC Software

GetID is excited to announce the launch of KYC Flow Builder, highly customizable software that enables users to easily set up and deploy personalized online verification procedures with the GetID KYC flow builder.

KYC Flow Builder is designed to help GetID software users significantly reduce time and integration costs with the highest level of customization and security.

In only 3 simple steps users will be able to:

  • define needed checks (biometrics including Liveness Detection, ID Document Verification, AML Watchlists Screening) according to their KYC & Onboarding requirements
  • customize the visual appearance of a user journey (steps logic, data validation options, and design)
  • choose an integration option (Web SDK, Mobile SDK, API, or Cloud-based verification page)

GetID Verification Flow

Setting up the verification flow and choosing the needed types of checks

What are the benefits of using the KYC Flow Builder?

Firstly, it’s the ease and flexibility of GetID software integration that saves you a lot of time.
Secondly, GetID is a cross-platform solution that can be deployed on the web, native iOS, and Android.

Thirdly, KYC Flow Builder gives you a lot of flexibility for configuring different combinations of checks for specific products, countries and regulatory requirements. For example, the verification flow for high-risk countries can include original ID Document Verification, Face Matching, Liveness Check and AML Screening. Whereas, the KYC procedure for low-risk countries can consist of ID Document verification and AML screening.

GetID Verification flows

Additionally, the KYC Flow Builder can be used for setting up an internal verification flow. This becomes handy if your company is collecting customer data from multiple sources. It’s also convenient for rechecking unsuccessful verification results. Customer data and documents can be uploaded directly to the Administration portal and re-verified. As a result, the compliance and verification teams will be able to greatly reduce the time ID document Verification and automate the manual data entry process.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]And lastly, KYC Flow Builder makes customizing the visual appearance of the user journey easy. You can use your company’s brand palette to make the form look native in the interface of your app or website. As a result, this will provide a much better user experience for your customers.

GetID Visual Style Editor

“We are really excited about how much faster and easier the process of implementing online identity verification can be. For developers, this time is reduced to days or even hours, instead of weeks of development before. GetID KYC flow builder is an incredibly flexible tool.

Multiple verification flows can be set up, deployed on the fly, and function asynchronously allowing companies and compliance teams to run several verification flows for different countries, regions, and products.

Also, it’s a perfect tool for any size company – it allows to significantly speed up and simplify the integration process while leaving a lot of room for flexibility and personalization.”, says Dmitri Laush, CEO of GetID.