Meet the GetID Team at ICE London!

London, one of the top meetup places, will soon welcome thousands of developers and fans at the ICE London Conference, the world’s largest gaming innovation event. The GetID product team will also attend to showcase their cutting-edge product to an already huge, and growing, online gaming community.

GetID is a flexible, complex, and easy-to-launch solution for onboarding and verifying (KYC/AML) customers, specially crafted to extract and verify data from documents to reduce fraud.

The evolution of the online gaming and casino market

Online gaming and online casinos have evolved alongside technological advancement and the development of regulations that legalize many forms of online gambling. Europe is expected to witness major growth in the online gambling and betting market due to the legalization of online gambling in various European countries. For example, after the UK passed legislation to legalize online gambling, many other European countries, such as Italy, Spain, and France, followed suit.

Currently, the global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than 94 billion US dollars in 2024. Since 2008, the gross gaming revenue (GGR) from online gaming has increased slightly, a significant proportion of which can be attributed to the rise of mobile gaming solutions on the market. Ten years later, in 2018, approximately half of the online gambling market in Europe was made up of online sports betting.

Millions of people are attracted to the exciting world of online gaming and casinos in order to compete for luxurious wins. However, with the rising numbers of participants, the possibility of fraud also tends to increase. Therefore, creating reliable KYC solutions that utilize up-to-date technologies is the only way to secure a reliable and smooth experience for the present and forthcoming future of online gaming.

Over the past few years, The Gambling Commission has sanctioned progressively firm regulations. One cannot avoid following the directives, but there are means to make them work better for you and use resistance as an improvement.

During the ICE London Conference, GetID is going to present the identity verification solution to over 35,000 professionals in various gaming sectors.  GetID’s product plays an important role in the customer onboarding process for online gaming and gambling. It features:

  • Online identity verification in seconds from mobile or desktop by using native, customizable software development kits
  • An administration panel for fast and easy user management
  • Facial recognition and face-matching solutions
  • Automatic data extraction from documents; checking documents for authenticity.

GetID Make front side photo of document

“GetID has done a great job to develop an A-grade Online Identity Verification solution, and the company’s latest efforts are to popularize the product, work on further enhancement, and create an impact on the industry. Gambling and betting is a business of its own complexity, and strict verification is a must-have; otherwise, this industry will be overwhelmed by fraudsters. We’re about to change the situation here. How do we make the process of online gambling better? First of all, we fight fraud and chargebacks. Secondly, we optimize the onboarding procedures for mobile and web. Our KYC process is automated and it helps to decrease operational costs,” says Dmitri Laush, CEO of GetID.

Why ICE London?

Held on February 4-6, the ICE London Conference is the World’s Gaming Innovation Showcase. One can meet a global network of gaming professionals across all industries and seniority levels, as it is aimed to provide the best opportunity to build relationships. By bringing together 600+ solutions and 35,000+ professionals across all sectors of gaming, this conference is going to be a complete platform to explore the future of gaming and drive revenue through invaluable meetings and networking opportunities.

Participants are able to learn from gaming industry leaders, through inspirational talks, and panel discussions about overcoming the challenges and capitalizing on market opportunities. The cherry on the cake comes in the form of outstanding hospitality, networking functions, and entertainment, making product discovery, business development, and idea generation fun and professional.

Following its latest success at Slush and Finance Magnates London Summit, one of the leading KYC and security solution providers, GetID picks this new destination to validate online casino/gambling/betting.

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About GetID

The project team has successfully implemented a cutting-edge KYC aggregator within the flagship product – GetID. The main goal of this solution is fraud prevention, making such acts as onboarding fake clients and utilizing money laundering schemes with fake documents virtually impossible. But there’s more – this solution is designed to optimize customer onboarding, aiming to speed up and automate the entire process. The company is also working towards digital ID to exclude the need for KYC procedures in every single service, which requires users to download tons of documents and waste their precious time.

The European company will soon welcome attendants at its booth and workshop. Startups willing to join the cause may receive numerous benefits here: GetID had come up with a lucrative pricing offer, excluding irrelevant setups and more. The company plans to grow alongside its clients; the primary reason to take the unnecessary fees out of the equation.

Successful public appearances at the FINANCE MAGNATES LONDON SUMMIT and Slush back in 2019 gave GetID a lot of media attention and brought on new clients. Hopefully, ICE London will also highlight the importance of KYC in the eSports industry.