Is your company looking for an Identity Verification solution? Do you have to perform complex KYC checks for AML Compliance or some basic document verification to identify your customers? We’ve got you covered! And what’s more, now you can try GetID for free using our new Demo Verification Page.

Finding a suitable KYC provider for your company can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Oftentimes you will need to fill out the demo request form, contact the sales team, schedule a suitable demo time. Sounds complicated, isn’t it?

That’s exactly why GetID has decided to make the process easier – you can check how the verification process looks like using our free Demo Verification Page. There is no need to buy a pig in a poke.

Online demo page gives you a good idea of how the verification process looks from the end-user perspective and which verification results can be delivered.

GetID Online Demo Verification Page

GetID Demo Verification Page is a great way to see our product in action:

  1. Choose user flow according to your onboarding requirements:
    – ID Document, Selfie and Liveness Check
    – ID Document and Selfie
    – ID Document only
  2. Go through the verification process.
  3. Get instant results and review them in detail: document validity, face matching score, document data extraction results and more.
  4. Share your verification link or a PDF file with your coworkers (compliance team, customer support, etc.)

Go ahead and try GetID in action!