Read on to find out how the online marketplace has significantly sped up its customer onboarding time by implementing an online Identity and Document Verification solution.

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An online service that matches freelance labor with local demand.

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Decreased the customer onboarding time

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Aleksejs Kolpakovs
Сo-founder of GetaPro

left quote 1 1  For marketplaces of  services, the implementation of KYC-online is definitely a necessity; it should not be put off for long. Verification works for trust, which is essential when selecting a contractor online.

We love working with GetID, it was like a breath of fresh air right away – great documentation, user-friendly interface and excellent quality of data processing, helpful and responsive integration manager/support.  left quote 1 1 1

Case and History


Faster verification,  KYC automation,  languages for customers from different countries.

GetaPro is an online service for selecting services and specialists. The company was founded in 2017 and is rapidly developing. From the very beginning the project team focused on creating the most convenient and reliable service, and one of the key factors in selecting a specialist is the level of trust in the information provided.

GetaPro almost immediately introduced verification of contractors, but back then this procedure could take up to 1-2 days. At the same time, more and more spheres of different services became involved in the marketplace, including lawyers and accountants, and in this area verifying the identity of the person performing the work is often crucial for the client.

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Before the introduction of an online KYC process, GetaPro administrators were checking contractors’ data manually, which was too time-consuming and not in line with client requests. Moreover, the company began to enter the markets of neighboring countries and here a new level of document expertise was required. All this led to the need to find a provider for the KYC process.

The team analyzed several contractors. Flexibility of setup, quality of verification, ease of integration, and pricing were important factors.

Process and Results

It took less than two days to integrate the solution. The company immediately noted how quickly and qualitatively the document data are read. There is almost no “glare” problem, the system recognizes the document and does not require a lot of snapshots. The high quality of the accompanying documentation and the easy-to-understand dashboard of changes ensured easy integration into the GetaPro system.


The company has enabled verification in three languages for customers from different countries.

Today, most of the verification is automatic, time spent by the administrator is reduced to a few minutes.

Connecting verification in a specific country language also proved to be a quick and easy procedure. GetID allows you to configure several flows and customize it for specific requirements, including the choice of client language.


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