Fast identity verification for global businesses

GetID is an all-in-one identity verification service that streamlines your customer onboarding process, ensures full regulatory compliance and reduces fraud. Try it now!

Document Verification

Face Matching

Liveness Detection

AML Screening (PEPs and Sanctions Lists)

Age Verification

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What We Offer

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Security and Compliance

Regulatory compliance

Fraud protection

Secure customer data storage

KYC/AML compliance

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Time and Cost Savings

Fast and easy set-up

Pricing from just €0.89

Reduced workloads

Increased conversions

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Flexibility and Adaptability

Mobile and web SDKs

Omni-channel platform


How It Works

Authenticate users in a matter of seconds with a simple,
one-time 3-step customer verification process:

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Step 1

User photographs their ID from both sides

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Step 2

User takes a self-portrait with their smartphone camera or webcam

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Step 3

User performs some simple movements for liveness detection purposes

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User is verified, onboarded and ready to go

An all-in-one KYC software at your fingertips

Manage your processes and collaborate seamlessly with team members with an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you complete control, wherever you may be.

  • Verification results and status overview
  • GDPR-compliant customer data storage
  • Real-time monitoring
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integration software

Seamless integration with your business ecosystem

A range of set-up and integration options to fit your UI/UX:

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    Mobile SDKs

    Highly-customisable iOS and Android SDKs built on native tech stack for a seamless onboarding experience.

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    Web SDK

    Ready-made solutions for automated onboarding with fast set-up and easy configuration.

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    Cloud-based verification page

    Send a link to customers and get verification results instantly in your Admin Panel or via webhook.

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    API integration

    Integrate our KYC and customer verification solutions into your platform, collect data you need and get the results via API.

Easy-to-use KYC software with no-code integration

GetID KYC flow builder helps you automate and personalise online KYC and identity verification procedures according to your company onboarding process and specific regulatory requirements.

  • Select the necessary document and identity checks for your process
  • Customise the form fields in an intuitive editor interface
  • Modify/customise the visual appearance to suit your brand-specific style
  • Easily integrate our software into your website, application or entire customer system
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